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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Carbon Fiber Deals make?
Carbon Fiber Deals does not manufacture any goods. We only sell carbon fiber fabric.
How does Carbon Fiber Deals get their prices so low?
Carbon Fiber Deals buys large quantities of raw composite fabric directly from the manufacturer. Carbon Fiber Deals also does not have any walk-in store, we are an online ONLY store. This ensures our customers receive a high quality product at the lowest price possible.
Does Carbon Fiber Deals price match?
Yes! Show proof of a current posted price and we will match it, or go lower! We strive to provide the lowest price on carbon fiber fabric. Feel free to contact us!
Do you provide COC (Certificates of Conformance)?
Yes we do! Any questions or inquiries you may have, please feel free to contact us!
What are your shipping charges?
Carbon Fiber Deals charges a flat fee for shipping. This flat fee is dependent on quantity, weight, and destination.
What carrier do you use for shipping?
Carbon Fiber Deals ONLY ships via UPS.
Do you ship orders international?
Yes! International shipping is calculated when the shipping address is entered during checkout. Currently, NOT all countries have been entered into our chopping cart. So, if shipping doesn't appear correct, please email us and we can enter your order manually. Any questions or inquiries you may have, please feel free to contact us!
How do I complete payment?
In order to checkout and complete payment you must be registered and logged in to the website to enter contact, billing and shipping information. Only then will the "Check Out" button appear to complete the order.
How do I login?
Customers login by clicking the "Login" button located in the "My Account" menu, in the top right of the page.
What information do I use to login?
If you have never logged into your account before, you can use your customer number and your zip code. If you do not have an account with us, you will need to register on the website.
How does a customer see their profile page?
Once logged in they can navigate to "My Account / My Profile", to open their customer account profile.
How does a customer update their password?
In the customer profile you can enter a new password and update your email address. The customer profile is where you can view the status of your account.
How does a customer submit a testimonial?
In the customer profile, at the bottom, in the testimonial section is where you can submit your testimonials. Once the testimonial is approved, it will appear on the website.
How quick is your turnaround time, once I place my order?
Once payment has completed processing, orders will be shipped the next day. If your order is placed before 12 noon PST, your order could be shipped the same day. If you want to request special shipping info, please enter these at checkout in the shipping notes text box. We have no problem accommodating your shipping requests. If we have any questions we will contact you.
When I order six yards, is that six yards long, or is it six yards in one yard sheets?
If you order six yards, you get fabric that is six yards long. We will not cut it into one yard sheets.
What does it mean when it says "(CUSTOM ONLY)" or "(LIMITED STOCK)"?
This means that we only have this product in limited stock. Once we run out, we don't know how long it will be until we get more product like this. If the item is REALLY hot, we will try to restock within 48-72 hours.
What does "Blow-Out" mean?
Blow Out means the fabric is in limited quantity and at a crazy low price! Usually associated with a special or sale that is on going.
What does "1st Grade" or "B-Grade" material mean?
1st Grade material is fabric that is in excellent condition. Free from imperfections, snags, or issues. B-Grade material is fabric that we do not guarantee the cosmetics of the material. Some rolls may be A grade and others may have more snags. Structurally they should be great. Small part buyers buy it and cut around defects when they pop up.
Can I order a product with 0 quantity or low in stock?
Yes! The quantities posted are estimates. When it states "In Stock" it generally means we have ALOT of that particular product. We can restock our warehouses for any of our products within 24 hours.
Tiered pricing, what quantity do I enter?
In the shopping cart you must enter the minimum quantity for the tiered pricing you chose. For example: If you chose the pricing for 10+ rolls, in the shopping cart you must set the quantity at least 10. Any errors in pricing and/or quantities will result in an order delay and/or the order being canceled.
Can I purchase in bulk or wholesale?
Yes! Bulk purchases can be purchased online, via email, or via phone. Wholesale or tax free can be purchased via email or phone initially, and once your account has been created you may then complete purchases online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
How do I view my discount pricing?
You will only be able to view your discount pricing after you have logged in.
Is PayPal your only method of payment?
PayPal is our only online method of payment. However, if you phone in or email your order, we can make arrangements for payment via credit card or check.
Do I have to have a PayPal account to make payment?
No, you are not required to have a PayPal account to complete payment. PayPal also allows you to pay with credit card with out creating an account with them.
I never received any email or email notification about my order, why is that?
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is probably blocking our email, or the email has gone into your spam folder. To ensure email delivery please whitelist our domain *@carbonfiberdeals.com This will ensure our email address bypasses any spam filtering you may have running. Thank you.
The carbonfiberdeals.com website is not appearing correctly, I can't access the menus?
The carbonfiberdeals.com website requires browser versions Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 22+, or Firefox 16+. Javascript should also be enabled.