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Carbon Fiber Deals specializes on carbon fiber fabric. We are a world wide supplier for retail and wholesale customers.

You shouldn't have to pay more for a quality product. Show proof of a current posted price and we will match it, or go lower! We strive to provide the lowest price on carbon fiber fabric. 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, and unidirectional fabrics in many different weights and patterns. Weather you are making ski poles, golf clubs, professional car parts, or building an aircraft, Carbon Fiber Deals has it for you. If you require specific specs on the type of fabric, or need fabric COC (Certificate of Conformance), we can gladly help you. Any questions or inquiries you may have, please feel free to contact us!
  • Blow Out Sale! - It's been a loooong time since we've had one!
  • 2015-12-17 10:57:48
    Starting off the new year right!
    We have a large number of products available for blow out deals, not all of them are listed below.
    First Come, First Serve, Based on Availability, While Supplies Last!
    Note: Due to the large order volumes shipments may be a little delayed.
    More info @ 17210550, 1726222T60, 1725822T60, 1725760, 172900442, 172921103742, 172921382050, 172922117040, 17TC05U18, 17TC09U081
  • Blow Out Sale! - Unbelievable prices, you can't beat!
  • 2013-12-03 11:28:35
    Yet ANOTHER Blow Out Sale!
    This sale contains a wide variety of fibers: 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, and +/-45
    We can't even list all the product numbers in this one post!
    Buy now while supplies last!
    More info @ 172921126050, 172921207250, 172921310950, 17292219750, 17292216050, 17292211150, 17292231160, 17292242350, 17292231150, 17292210950
  • HUGE Blow Out Sale! - Crazy Low Prices!
  • 2013-10-09 09:29:14
    HUGE Blow Out Sale on all these products!
    Prices start at $7.11 per yard, or $9.00 per yard roll!!!
    Buy now while supplies last!
    More info @ 172900050, 172900250, 172900442, 172900550, 172901050, 172901150, 172901450, 172901560
  • Blow Out Sale! - HOT! HOT! HOT!
  • 2013-06-19 09:51:56
    17258450 CARBON FIBER 5.6 OZ X 50" 4HS 3K 1ST GRADE
    $15.00 per yard, or $12.00 per yard roll!!!
    Limited time offer, while supplies last or until the end of June!
    More info @ 17258450
  • Carbon Fiber Sale! - We have a sale on these items!
  • 2013-05-20 11:02:43
    1725750 CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ 3K X 50" x YD PLAIN WEAVE 282
    1725760 CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ 3K X 60"
    1725822T50 CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ. 2X2 TWILL 50" x YD 284
    1725822T60 CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ. 2X2 TWILL 60" x YD 1726222T60
    More info @ 1725750, 1725760, 1725822T50, 1725822T60

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    Product Number: 17292211150
    Qty: 112
    $14.05 to $14.29 /yd
    proim-1725650018-1725650018 (Galaxy) (500x335).jpg
    Product Number: 1725650018
    Qty: 109
    $25.58 to $26.00 /yd
    proim-172921103742-PLAIN WEAVE.jpg
    Product Number: 172921103742
    Qty: 169
    $56.21 to $57.14 /yd
    proim-17210550-CARBON TWILL 2.jpg
    Product Number: 17210550
    Qty: 458
    $57.78 to $58.75 /yd

    Recent Reviews!

    proim-1725822T50-CARBON TWILL 2.jpg 1725822T50 - CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ. 2X2 TWILL 50" x YD 284 2014-06-06 09:56:38
    Title: Clearly the best selling fabric!
    Pro: This fabric is ALWAYS in stock!
    Con: None
    Comment: CFD is always keeping this fabric in stock because it is their best selling fabric! As stated from a support reply.
    Rating: Qty: In Stock Go to product!

    proim-172921103742-PLAIN WEAVE.jpg 172921103742 - 3.7OZ X 42" PW 1K CARBON BLOW-OUT 1ST GRADE M... 2014-05-15 14:14:14
    Title: High Quality
    Pro: This 1K fabric is of excellent quality. The weave is constructed very well, and very consistent across the roll.
    Con: As long as you know what you are doing, you should not have any issues.
    Comment: I was very impressed with the quality of this fabric.
    Rating: Qty: 169 Go to product!

    proim-1725750-PLAIN WEAVE.jpg 1725750 - CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ 3K X 50" x YD PLAIN WEAVE 282 2014-03-21 11:01:41
    Title: Excellent Fabric!
    Pro: The fabric was in excellent condition and shipped quickly to my location.
    Con: The shipping package looked like it was dropped kicked. The box had puncture marks, holes in the box, and on one end it looked like someone tried to see what was inside. But surprisingly the fabric was still perfectly preserved with no damages or imperfections!
    Comment: I am very impressed with carbon fiber deals. There prices are ridiculously low and have a quick turn around time, between the time I placed the order and it arrived at my location.
    Rating: Qty: In Stock Go to product!

    proim-1725750-PLAIN WEAVE.jpg 1725750 - CARBON FIBER 5.7 OZ 3K X 50" x YD PLAIN WEAVE 282 2014-02-06 14:36:21
    Title: Great Support!
    Pro: I had multiple questions about the fabric to understand what I should buy for my project. I used their online ticket system to get my questions answered. They responded quickly and were very informative.
    Con: I think it's kind of funny that they have images on their website, most of CF looks the same.
    Comment: I would recommend them to any one who is looking for carbon fiber cheap and still in excellent condition. Their support is great!
    Rating: Qty: In Stock Go to product!

    I build custom bike frames both for road racing and mountain biking. I've been buying carbon fiber from Carbon Fiber Deals for over 2 years now. I highly recommend them to everyone.
    • Tommy
    The best carbon fiber store!
    I had many, many questions about my project and what fabric would be best. Their online support was very helpful. I appreciate them taking the time to answer my questions. I recommend Carbon Fiber Deals to everyone I know who uses carbon fiber.
    • Zack
    Can you believe it?
    When I first came accross CFD I couldn't believe the prices. I was very suspecious of the quality of their product. However, I coudn't resist the price! I purchased just 1 yard of the 3K to test with my molding process, and it worked beatifully! That was 6 months ago! They are now my go to carbon fiber fabric people. The price and quality of fabric is uncomparable! I highly recommend them to everyone now. I found a real jem!
    • Justin Lock
    The Best Prices!
    Carbon Fiber Deals has the best prices around! I haven't seen anyone with lower prices. My order arrived ontime and the fabric was of excellent quality!
    • Scott
    The best Carbon fiber on the market!
    We are located here in Florida building and repairing boats. We use alot of carbon fiber for parts, keels, masts, ect. We have been purchasing carbon fiber cloth from CFD for over 6 months now. The fabric is consistently excellent quality, has no imperfections, and ALWAYS at an excellent price! I highly recommend them to everyone!
    • Albert
    I recently had a custom violin made using carbon fiber from Carbon Fiber Deals. The were able to help me pick the correct specs and order. The entire process was great! No issues at all. I sent them a pic of the finished violin, and they posted it on their website! HA! I highly recommend them!
    • Linda
    Great Deal!
    I got a great deal at Carbon Fiber Deals! Everyone should buy from them!
    • Archie
    Carbon Fiber Delight!
    It's hard to come by carbon fiber fabric here in the UK. These guys have excellent service and shipments are fast! I would recommend them to anyone in the shop!
    • Thomas